Evolution of KWASU Centre for Investment and Consultancy Services

Ab initio, it started as a Unit of the Vice Chancellor’s Office in 2016 during the first tenure of the Pioneer Vice Chancellor, Prof AbdulRasheed Na’Allah then metamorphosed to become a full-fledged Center in 2018 as a result of the vision of the founding fathers of Kwara State University, Malate. The Centre was established to initiate, sort and harmonize all viable business ideas generated within and outside the campus; and grow selected few into fruition. A more comprehensive, all-encompassing and measurable approach was adopted during the tenure of the late Prof Muhammed Mustapha, SAN. He established an all-professional/technically-equipped internally generating revenue (IGR) Board that monitors, supervises and superintends on all Centers in the University. The Centre focuses on providing students, staff members and other stakeholders affordable hostel accommodation and Guest House facilities; a cheap and efficient transportation scheme; a fast food chain on campus; relaxation locations for social engineering, networking and cross-fertilization of ideas; and amongst others, efficient communication network channels that make learning not only easy but worthwhile and rewarding. It is noteworthy to state emphatically that the Center oversees KWASU’s investments in KWASU Microfinance Bank Limited. The Bank was established along with other Investors in 2015. The programs and activities of the Centre have since expanded to a crescendo as the Intra-campus Transportation Scheme was commissioned for operation by the late VC on 31st January 2021. A pure private-sector-driven initiative that revolutionized a hitherto cumbersome and accident-prone experience has been turned into a more enjoyable cruise on campus with zero-accident record. A couple of agreements have been executed towards providing affordable hostel accommodations to students. In the same vein, the KWASU/GLO Dealership Partnership agreement has just been executed toward sustaining and improving KWASU online distance learning (ODL) project.

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KWASU Centre for Investment and Consultancy Services welcomes you to its website where visitors can go on an exploratory tour of the real and potential investment and consultancy capacities and capabilities of Kwara State University, Malete. The Centre’s mission and vision are subsumed into the University mantra ‘The Green University for Community Development and Entrepreneurship’. Aside from the host communities that can boast of over 10,000 citizens being a convergence of many rural dwellers, a regular students’ population of over 30,000 and another 5,000 non-resident students scattered across the country, there is no better place to execute meaningful and profitable ventures than KWASU. Vividly, it is evident that the University has undergone significant positive transformations from the 500 pioneering students; about 200 Staff members; and 2000 hosting community members in December 2009 when the University started to its present status. The Centre doubles not only as the University’s platform for viable business idea generation and execution but also as a Laboratory of interplay between students and captains of industries. They are simply brought together for seamless Information and Knowledge-sharing, hence most KWASU graduates are not Job seekers but Job creators. Once again, we welcome you to the University where today’s and tomorrow’s leaders are trained, tested and certified before they are unleashed to the larger business world. As you navigate our website, you will be thoroughly amazed by the enormous resources at your doorstep since all business transactions have turned digital and thus global. We look forward to having a mutually beneficial business and investment relationship with you.

Dr. Rahman Oladimeji MUSTAPHA Fnimn, FCIPDM, FICNM, MBAM

Programmes and Activities

Our mandate at the Center for Investment and Consultancy Services includes but is not limited to:

  • Facilitating business collaboration relationships with experienced professional outfits that can use the mindset of KWASU graduates of a safer future;
  • Assisting the Host Community, Staff and students alike in becoming Investors in viable and visible business engagements that guarantee good returns;
  • Changing the face of KWASU management and staff as a caring Institution through the provision of affordable accommodations to Staff and students while on Campus;
  • Serving a Business/Technical Incubating Centre where Product Conceptualization through Marketing take place before being released into the Market;
  • Melting point of all shapes and sizes of business proposals and where opinions are tolerated with the view of boosting the University's internally generated revenue (IGR).

Future Plans:

KWASU is aligning with today’s Digital World by investing a huge amount of resources into ODL. The Center therefore sees KWASU as a bigtime player in Digital learning that will reduce physical contact learning to the barest minimum. Amongst other things, the Center’s plans include:

  • Introduction of cashless transactions by digitalizing operations of KWASU Intra-Campus shuttle;;
  • Supporting wholesale Online Learning Process for KWASU students and Academic Staff through the provision of research assistance;
  • Integrating Host communities (which are basically rural) into Business exploits and engagements so that they can maximally rip the benefits of the mantra ‘(the Green University for Community Development and Entrepreneurship);
  • Seeking alternative commercial green power sources to the University from the multi-various green energy sources;
  • Seeking active collaboration with local, national and International Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in the business world by embarking on Social entrepreneurship.

Achievements and Milestones

• Since the establishment of the Centre, tremendous achievements and pace-setting milestones have been recorded. Worthy of note is the KWASU Intra-Campus Bus Shuttle that was commissioned on 31st January 2021 to strengthen the existing transportation network on campus. A private-sector collaboration with KWASU that started with Thirty-five (35) Suzuki Mini-Buses and later increased to 55 Buses. It has operated accident-free for twenty-four calendar months, and royalties were paid into the University coffers before a new set of Investors joined the scheme. Today, the University ‘Tarmac’ is bustling with business activities consequent upon the commencement of the transportation Scheme. KWASU Staff– Academic and Non-academic; KWASU Students’ Union and Associations on campus are all internal investors in the Scheme.
• Since the establishment of KWASU Microfinance Bank Limited (KWASU MFB) in 2015, the Centre as the custodian of the KWASU’s equity in the Bank was able to report breakthroughs. The Bank recorded Profit After Tax (PAT) of N3.2 million; N5.4 million; and N9.8 million in 2020, 2021 and 2022 respectively. In its 3rd Annual General Meeting held on 15th September 2023, the Board of Directors declared a Dividend of N5,050,936.20. KWASU’s portion of the Dividend is N2,527,428.28. A great feat indeed if one considers the economic downturn that beclouds Nigerian Microfinance Banks in Nigeria, many MFBs operating Licenses were withdrawn by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN);
• A multi-million Naira KWASU/GLOBALCOM Partnership Venture has been approved by KWASU Management having fulfilled all conditions. An Indigenous Tele-Communication Company GLOBACOM Limited sees KWASU – a World-Class University- as fit and proper to enjoy a Dealership business relationship with them. This arrangement prepares KWASU students to enjoy unfettered access to KWASU Online Distance Learning (ODL) Project. Succinctly, for now, KWASU is a leader amongst Nigerian universities in online training for its students. It is hoped that students’ enrolment to more than 100,000 by the next academic session.


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